Comprehensive Legal Services in Rural Alberta

Depositphotos_8202638_originalWe take a practical approach to resolving disputes, and when necessary, we will represent clients at all levels of Court.

  • Commercial Disputes: contracts, shareholders, debts, liens, construction.
  • Personal Injury: motor vehicle, off-road vehicle, pedestrian, occupier’s liability.
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency:…..
  • Estate Litigation: family support claims, settlement agreements.

the-team-1We deal with all commercial and contract matters involved in the formation and operation of corporations and other businesses.

  • Incorporations & registrations: registration, trade names, Minute Books, annual returns, amalgamations, dissolutions.
  • Business structures: corporations, partnerships, franchises, joint ventures, professional corporations, limited partnerships and trusts.
  • Ownership agreements: unanimous shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, profit-sharing and stock options, joint venture agreements.
  • Buying and selling businesses: share deals, assets deals, franchises, commercial real estate, farming operations.
  • Corporate finance: leasing, real estate development, security agreements.
  • Reorganizations: rollovers, amalgamations, butterfly transactions, trusts.
  • Strategic tax planning: review and planning of multi-corporation structures for tax efficiency and succession planning.




  • Traffic offences: speeding, driving without a license, leaving the scene, careless driving.
  • Firearms offences: improper storage or transportation, unlicensed possession, prohibited weapons.
  • Animal offences: cruelty, improper transportation,….
  • Criminal driving offences: drunk driving (DUI, over 80, impaired), driving disqualified, dangerous driving, dangerous flying, bodily harm.
  • Criminal offences: theft, fraud, assault, domestic assault, uttering threats, harassment, sexual assault, drug offences, youth offences.

the-team-1We help settle all matters following the breakdown of a married or common-law relationship. 

  • Negotiating separations: property division, splitting corporations and farms, support obligations, parenting arrangements.
  • Drafting domestic agreements: separation agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, post-marriage agreements, co-habitation agreements.
  • Adoption and guardianship: private adoptions, step-parent adoptions, consent guardianship orders.
  • Divorce applications: filing Statements of Claim for divorce, applying for divorce judgments



the-team-1We conduct the purchase or sale of all types of real estate property, and the necessary financing arrangements.

  • Residential property: selling and buying family homes, condominiums, new homes, rural properties, mobile homes.
  • Commercial property: selling, buying and leasing business properties, multi-unit residential properties, development permits and appeals.
  • Agricultural property: selling, buying and leasing farming properties, subdivisions, auctions.
  • Secured financing: mortgage refinancing, construction mortgages, security agreements, vendor mortgages, agreements for sale.

the-team-1We assist with planning for your family and your property, and managing your estate after you pass.

  • Drafting estate documents: wills, codicils, powers of attorney and personal directives.
  • Estate tax planning: family trusts, gifts during life, joint ownership, farm succession and family business succession.
  • Estate administration: applying for Grant of Probate or Administration, managing estate accounts, distribution of benefits, working with accountants on tax clearance.
  • Estate settlements: assisting in interpretation of documents, negotiating agreements, drafting settlements.